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Automatic stretch film rewinder PPD-ARW500
Automatic stretch film rewinder » PPD-ARW500

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Automatic stretch film rewinder

This is most popular model for jumbo roll of stretch film and cling film convert into small roll.high speed,fully automatic opertion by PLC+Touch screen.

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Automatic stretch film rewinder Details

 This machine is suitable to automatic rewind roll of the stretch film or cling film by  Large diameter stretch film can be rewinded into small roll.

 It is complete with PLC + touch screen + inverter control system, high degree  of automation.
 Manual input the touch screen to display interface, easy to operate, easy to check the fault.
 Automatic core repalcement, automatic cutting, automatic blanking.
 Configure the conveyor belt can be completed in a single person operation of machinery, and finished packing operations. Saving human resources.
   Technical parameters: The width of original film 300-500mm
                           The diameter of original film 350mm
                           Max diameter of rewinding 150mm
                           The core of original film 3-inch
                           Rewinding core 1/1.5/ 2/3-inch
                           Max rewinding speed 900m/min
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